A Way to Honor Motherhood

May 08, 2023

A Way to Honor Motherhood | Essential Rose Life

Mom has been there for us from the very beginning.  She sacrificed her body to carry us for nine months and birth us into this world safely.  She may not be perfect, but who is?!  And, if you were a terror like I was growing up (yeah, you!) then she even had to work overtime to keep you safe and supported while you were figuring out this thing called life. 

Whatever your relationship with your mother is, we can all garner a sense of respect and gratitude for this woman who brought us into existence and made this life possible! 

And, we can cultivate gratitude for the mother within, as motherhood - more than a physical person - is a way of being.  It’s qualities each and everyone of us can strengthen and embody, such as nurturing, compassion, unconditional love, unconditional acceptance, seeing the good in things and people, and giving people the benefit of the doubt.

So let’s bow in gratitude to our mamas, to the women in our lives who have felt like mamas and given us that degree of tender love and support, and to the mama within.  Let’s honor these women and ourselves by celebrating the fullness of what it means to tap into the essence of our womanhood on this very special day!

ROSE; A ritual into motherhood.

Rose is a timeless symbol of womanhood, femininity, and motherhood.  Not only is it one of the most powerful tonics, toners, hydrators, and regenerators for specifically women’s skin, as well as balancing to women’s reproductive organs, rose is an elixir for the emotions.  Through inhaling, wearing, ingesting, and anointing ourselves with rose, we can embody the qualities  of unconditional love and acceptance, nurture even the deepest wounds of grief and heartbreak, and step into our most exalted, motherly selves.  

We can use rose to repair and restore our relationships with our own mothers, connect with our sense of inner motherhood, and honor motherhood in its true essence.



A Mother’s Day Rose-Inspired Gift Guide
ft. Products sugar, spice and everything nice!


Everything Nice:

1) Essential Rose Life Rose Gold Face Oil:

The act of applying this oil to your face is a sacred, symbolic step of nurturing yourself in the purest and most authentic way.  A regenerative, youth-enhancing elixir for the skin, this Rosehip, Rose, Geranium, and Pomegranate blend works wonders to hydrate, nourish and repair the skin on a cellular level, as well as bring the emotions into balance and harmony. 




2) TayTea Persian Rose Tea

Top off your Rose and chocolate pairing with a hand blended Rose tea giftset.  Rose has been used in Persian tea-drinking culture for centuries and this signature blend makes an ode to that soothing tradition.  This Persian Rose tea blend combines black tea with roses into a nostalgic blend that stimulates, awakens and opens the heart while giving you your caffeine fix.  Try pairing this with one of her beautiful tea pots to complete the experience!



Sweet / Spice:

3) Elements Truffles Rose and Cardamom Chocolate:

What could be more heavenly than Rose and chocolate combined?  I truly can’t think of anything!  In this vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty free bar of sweet and spicy delectability, you will enjoy a guilt free (it’s sweetened with honey!) rose-y treat that also gives back.  Each purchase supports the education of underprivileged children.  So you can enjoy the sweet and spicy flavors of Rose and Cardamom infused chocolate while knowing your enjoyment is making a difference!



Sweet / Spice:

4) Essential Rose Rose and Cardamom Indulge Mood Oil®:

Why not pair our Rose and Cardamom essential oil Indulge Mood Oil® with the beautiful chocolate bar above?!  Indulge is a sensual, invigorating, and warming fragrant aromatherapy blend that mom can use to anoint the wrists and temples to tap into her inspiration at a moment’s notice.  Small enough to keep in her purse yet powerful enough to completely transform any moment.  A perfect gift to support her self-love while making her smell incredible for hours at a time!


Everything Nice:

4) PF Candle Co. Sandalwood Rose Candle

This botanical soy candle combines scents of Rose and Sandalwood for an ultra-soothing, grounding, and floral sensual experience.  Create an ambiance that makes self-care effortless, helps mom unwind and destress, and enhances her mood no matter the time of day or occasion.


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