7 Holiday Self Care Tips For The Approaching Festive Season

November 26, 2022

7 Holiday Self Care Tips For The Approaching Festive Season | Essential Rose Life

Knowing that the holiday season looms is exciting, but it can also leave us feeling a little daunted. For some, perhaps even filled with dread! Many of us struggle with the sensory overload that the festive chaos can bring. With this in mind, put your Holiday- related anxiety to rest with this carefully curated holiday self-care survival guide. Transform the festive season from something that leaves you feeling frazzled, to a period of joyful memory creation, and reinforcing self nourishment.

1. Give Yourself Permission To Say No

On the one hand, the holidays bring us this gorgeous episode each year in which people put others before themselves. On the other hand, many of us can be inclined to go full-tilt into festive over-serving mode! All the while, we can find ourselves thrust into overwhelming social and familial situations. Often, reunited with relatives that we haven't seen since that awkward moment over mince pies last holiday season.

While it's great to get out of our comfort zones, and it's certainly wonderful to be generous and giving, it's also OK to set boundaries. Try to strike a balance this festive season for some grade-A holiday self-care. Pay attention to your senses, and if you recognize that a certain situation or social event is going to do you more harm than good, it's absolutely alright to respectfully extract yourself, or graciously decline.

2. Put Aside Time For Holiday Self-Care

I always like to remind myself of the age-old wisdom that we are only equipped to look after others when we first look after ourselves! While you make plans for pampering your loved ones, neglecting your holiday self-care routine will see you burned out before your Holiday dinner even goes into the oven!

Maybe you prefer to indulge in a meditative moment in the morning, or to unwind with a bedtime ritual. Whichever it is, consider these healthful practices as essential priority at this time of year! Take extra precaution with a gorgeous little vial of Essential Rose Indulge Mood Oil . Consider it your secret weapon you can slip into your pocket or purse for restorative self-love on the go.

3. Avoid The Roller Coaster Of Being In A Reactionary State

The festive season tends to throw us right into the deep end with frenzied Holiday shopping, work parties, family gatherings, and calendar coordination. Losing our routine, eating more, drinking more, and sleeping less all contribute to pushing us from a deliberate state of mindfulness and self-care to a reactionary one. This can be hugely destabilizing, taking it's toll on our mental and physical well-being.

In order to enact holiday self-care, and avoid the festive roller coaster, embrace intention setting. Mentally prepare yourself for the various feats of seasonal elasticity that your mind and body must cope with. Simply, set an intention for how you want each day to feel. When you plan ahead, and set boundaries (yes, more of those!) to guide you along your comfort rails, you can stay deliberate through the festive season.

4. Eat Well, Sleep Well

Of course you will over-indulge during the holidays (drop the guilt!), but try to give your body some quality care in between! Staying out late, or eating vast quantities of booze- soaked cake, can be mediated by practicing self-love, and self-nourishment, the rest of the time. Stay hydrated, and fill yourself up with nutrient loaded goodness. Ritualize every opportunity to look after yourself, as a buffer to bring you through the holidays unscathed!

5. Put Pen To Paper

The festive season is always guaranteed to bring powerful feelings bubbling to the surface. In anticipation of any emotional tidal waves that may be coming your way, why not begin a holiday journal? Rather than knocking you over, the emotions that wash over you can be embraced, explored, and discovered. By writing it down, you can get each emotion up and out of you and process it healthfully as it arrives.

Whether those emotions are positive or negative, happy or sad, putting them into words can allow you to shed light on new perspectives and foster self-compassion for your experience. Use this festive season as a means to embrace gratitude, release guilt you've been sitting on, practice forgiveness, and look for life-lessons that you might not have identified yet. In truth, even the most difficult-to-process things usually hold blessings in disguise.

6. Zoom In On The Connections That Really Matter

Dont allow your festive busyness to distract you from your nearest and dearest. This time of year is all about celebrating connection, so be present. Have you got a crazy non-stop itinerary lined up? Consider if a little un-scheduling might be called for! Make the most of the togetherness that this season brings. Talk, laugh, and re-group with the people that matter most in your life.

7. Find Joy In The Little Things

 Abundance is a full heart, not a full stocking! Remember that there is so much more to the festive season than piling up the latest desirable trinkets, or laying out a decadent spread. Instead of over-burdening yourself with a sense of obligation this year, try connecting with those around you. Feel your heart open up.

Indulge in the little details that make a perfect mid-winter moment. Go out into the cold air and draw it deeply into your lungs. Take in the eclectic mix of decorations around your neighborhood. Play a game, or read a book by the fire. The festive season comes but once a year, so why not make the most of enjoying every little gift it brings you.





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